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Friday January 30th 2015



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GMA’s Ako Si Kim Sam Soon Sucks

I am a big fan of My Name is Kim Sam Soon so I had high hopes for Ako Si Kim Sam Soon, the Philippine version currently aired by GMA. I think what gave me the false impression that the Philippine remake of my favorite Korean romantic comedy will be good – to say the [Read More]

MNIKSS: Un-thin Is In!

After watching most of Kim Rae Won’s dramas, I scoured the internet for k-drama recos by hardcore k-drama addicts. Since I was looking for series rom-com in nature, two stood out: My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Full House. And since I wasn’t a Jung Ji-hoon fan at [Read More]

Hit by Hanryu

Annyeong Haseyo! This is my first post so I would want to tell you about the first time I was hit by Hanryu or the Korean Wave. It was not too long ago when my mom (I miss you, Mom!) asked me to buy some DVDs of her favorite Korean series. And I was like,” [Read More]

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